Wanted: Good News (No Plan B)

Is anyone else fed up with how "the news" is dominated by stories that provoke fear, panic and paranoia?

There are many more non-terrorists in the world than terrorists. There are millions of people doing good, in ways big and small, everywhere, every day.

And yet we don't hear the good news. Fear sells.

What can we do? At Hope Sings, we've decided to tell the good stories (fits in with our mission of harnessing the power of song and uplifting true stories to inspire change in the world).

We will write and share songs inspired by all the heart-warming deeds and encouraging progress in the world. We will interview magic-makers in a wide variety of fields about where they see hope in the world - about where "Hope Sings Today."

You can do something to change the narrative in the media: contact us with your uplifting stories and we will transform and share them.

Where did Hope Sing recently? Maybe not in the weather we experienced in the US, where almost 12,000 daily warm temperature records were tied or broken this past December alone. But it rang out in Paris at COP 21, where 195 nations reached a climate change accord.

And on that note: "No Plan B" - our inaugural Hope Sings Today "spong" (spoken song).

Look forward to hearing from you.