Newspaper Epically Fails To Symbolize The Women's March On Washington

WaPo Express swiftly apologized after Twitter pointed out their error.

On Thursday morning, WaPo Express (The Washington Post’s free daily newspaper) had a major fail.

In a somewhat cringe-worthy chain of events, WaPo Express tweeted a picture of their most recent cover story about the Women’s March on Washington. The cover story looked beautiful with “The Modest Start To A Massive March” written in bold letters across the front ― except for one (rather large) mistake: encircling the title was a group of people made into the shape of a male symbol.

It’s obvious the WaPo editor meant to use the female symbol, but unfortunately mixed the two up.

The original WaPo Express tweet was quickly deleted after a swift backlash from Twitter users who informed the newspaper of the error.

The newspaper issued an apology along with an updated cover with the correct gender symbol.

“We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed,” WaPo Express wrote in a tweet. “We erroneously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.”

They also tweeted a new cover, writing: “This is how the cover should have looked. We apologize for the mistake.”

Many Twitter users thanked the paper for correcting their mistake so quickly. As one woman wrote on Twitter: “It was so funny I’m not even mad.”


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