War Brewing Over Facebook Scammer

Facebook has been an amazing platform for the voiceless for many years. From the viral sharing of GoFundMe campaigns, to the outpour of support for the LGBT community following the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. Even more recent, a massive public appeal on social media led to NBC's firing of Donald Trump.

However, fraudulent individuals and scam artists can abuse this great feeling of this community. One shocking example is the self proclaimed R&B artist, entrepreneur, and businessman, who goes by the name of DeLorean.

With impersonation, copyright infringement, business scams, violent threats, and the luring of people into business scams, DeLorean has caused the outcry of thousands to the social media site.

Here are some examples of how this scam artist has been taking advantage of Facebook, all of which are in violation of the site's community standards. Copyrighted content was stolen from up and coming musician Fedarro Noel and sold under DeLorean's name on both iTunes and Google Play, leading millions to believe that DeLorean had actually written these songs (1). Secondly, the parents of a six year old boy with dwarfism found that DeLorean had used their home video to exploit their child to gain thousands of likes and followers (2).

If that were not enough, in recent weeks DeLorean has been posting pictures of deceased Black men he claims to have known in order to gain sympathy from those unaware of his fraudulent ways. Why is DeLorean doing all of this? The answer is simple: he abuses the trust of his followers to lure them into business scams. A roadside assistant service company has recently parted ways with DeLorean after an internal investigation revealed that he was directing funds from multiple new customers into his personal accounts. News outlets have reported on the scammer, the hacking group Anonymous has issued a warning against him, a law firm he impersonated has taken legal action as well as Fedarro, the singer mentioned above (3). Several police reports have been filed against the scammer after he issued multiple violent threats against those who exposed his activities to the public.

However, Facebook has not taken any action to shut down this abuser, despite the outcry from thousands of users over the blatant violation of a whole number of community standards. The question is, why has Facebook been ignoring the multitude of reports against DeLorean? Why would a network who has been so brilliant at giving a voice to the abused, do nothing to bring down an abuser within its own system? Make no mistake: DeLorean, who currently has 1.6 million followers, is not a small time crook. Thanks to the platform Facebook has given him, by way of shares and likes, he is able to reach an audience of over 70 million people, most of which are completely unaware of his fraudulent intents.

The frustration of DeLorean's opponents has reached a new high on July 1, 2015 after he posted disrespectful remarks about one of his outspoken critics, blogger Jarrett Scott, upon his tragic death (4). In his posts, DeLorean speculated on Scott's health status and sexual orientation. With Facebook continually ignoring the complaints from its members, they are now taking to the media and authorities in a new unseen wave of protest to make sure no one else is violated by DeLorean's criminal ways.

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