'War Drags You Out,' Saint Hoax Series, Showcases World Leaders In Drag

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Artist Saint Hoax made waves across the Internet this week with a project as unique as it is culturally relevant.

Called "War Drags You Out," the project consists of a series of digital illustrations that depict prominent world leaders in drag.

However, these aren't just easy targets like George W. Bush. Saint Hoax, whose identity is unknown, has taken on figures in the vein of the King of Saudi Arabia and Vladimir Putin -- and subsequently received death threats.

HuffPost Gay Voices chatted with Saint Hoax today in order to better understand the "War Drags You Out" series and the politics of this work.

"Madame O' Sane"

"I began working on the "War Drags You Out" series last June. Initially, I was painting the drag queens on canvases. I began with the infamous Bin Laden. I completed the painting last November and I got in touch with a curator that asked me to anonymously display the painting in Zarnegar Park (Kabul, Afghanistan). As risky as it sounded, I agreed to his request. I then announced that the art show will take place on the Feb. 11 via YouTube."

"I received over 70 [death] threats in my inbox deterring me from showcasing the [original] U.S.A.M.A [Osama Bin Laden] painting. Quite frankly, I got worried. Luckily, instead of shipping the original painting I sent the curator a faux painting and it got lost. The curator emailed me saying that it was destroyed in the Kabul International Airport."

"Hitleria Hysteria"

"I never heard from him after that, and the art show failed to happen. I then decided to digitally illustrate the W.D.Y.O series.The digital process took less time than painting."

"Georgia Buchette"

"The 'War Drags You Out' project is a mere reflection of the current political situation that has taken its toll not only on the Arab region, but also on the entire world."

"Vladdy Pushin'"

"I perceive the idolized political/religious leaders as performers, and quite frankly, they're no longer entertaining. I got the idea to draw a comparison between leaders and drag queens after attending a drag show for the first time in May 2013."

"I want my artwork to become a constant reminder that the idolized leaders are merely performers in drag -- My art is purely 'POPlitical' rather than political."

"Baricka O'Bisha"

For more information on Saint Hoax, head here to visit the artist's website.

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