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War, Hate, Prejudice... STOP IT!

I am so sick of WAR. The war on women, LGBT, drugs, Christianity, all of it! How about a war on stupid?
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I am so sick of WAR. The war on women, LGBT, drugs, Christianity, all of it! How about a war on stupid? I mean that literally.

Most of the haters are pro-stupid, pro-barefoot and pregnant, pro-hate in general. They spew venom in all directions and it poisons millions daily. It's sad how many uneducated people there are in this country. And the haters want to keep it that way. Keep the sheep in the dark.

Declaring war on anything will insure it getting worse instead of better. With the exception of WWI and II what has war gotten anyone? I am from the Viet Nam era and I can tell you nothing was gained there. NOTHING.

Is it just me or do you shake your head at John McCain and wonder how a POW came home to be one of the biggest war hawks on the planet? Nothing about him makes any sense to me.

Let's look at some of the *ahem* wars going on daily...

The war on drugs... The U.S. federal government spent over $15 billion dollars in 2010 on the War on Drugs, at a rate of about $500 per second. Check out

Yet, we can't fund decent schools, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and transit systems... the list is long.

The war on women... STOP IT! Just f*#king stop it! I am sick and tired of old white men telling women what to do with their bodies. The former republican governor of PA wanted to make it mandatory for women seeking an abortion to have a vaginal wand ultrasound. "Just lie back and close your eyes," He said. As if it's some kind of sick foreplay. Fortunately, he lost that battle, but Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, thinks "it's cool!" I know what I'd like to do with that wand. And if you're a woman who supports this bullsh*t you need to have your head examined.

Have you ever met someone who said, "I think abortion is great?" No, you haven't. Why? Because anyone seeking an abortion is going through hell. They've spent tortured days and nights debating it. There are a multitude of reasons for accidental pregnancies and if you don't know the circumstances you have no say in whether a child is carried to term or not.

Instead, we see the double standard. Those who are adamantly against abortion rail on women who have children and need welfare. When they can't properly support them, educate them and even feed them the pro-life crowd start screaming about giving them food stamps. Now they want to monitor what groceries they buy with food stamps. Like anyone on food stamps is gorging on lobster and champagne. Idiots! I can't stand stupid and there is way too much of it today.

You are not pro-life if you aren't willing to support a woman and the child she was forced to have. Period. Not to mention the numbers of children wishing they had never been born.

And, in a related story, Jeb Bush enacted the 'Scarlet Letter' law as governor of Florida. Just what we need, a president who's a bully. If you haven't heard this one, here's the link.

The war on LGBT... how ironic to see Ben Carson, a black man, saying Gay rights aren't the same as civil rights. What rock do these folks crawl out from under? I do not understand.

It seems to me there is way too much hypocrisy in politics, which brings me to the war on Christianity... I believe it was Mike Huckabee who coined that one, but it could have been any of the right wing nuts running today.

Bill Maher had a great video last week about this. He was dead on in his commentary. It's well worth watching, especially if you in any way believe there is, in fact, a war on Christianity.

He points out that over 70% of the population in this country is Christian. When I hear this bullsh*t about a war on Christianity I think, 'what would Jesus do?'

I'm pretty sure he would hang his head in shame and pity for these fools. Using religion, any religion, to demean and spread hate is manipulative, mean and literally anti-Christ. I'm not catholic, but Pope Frances is more on the same page I am than any of these fake Christians!

Frances and I disagree on abortion and LGBT rights, but at least he is compassionate and loving in his disagreement. He spews no hate in any direction.

Your turn...

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