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War is Good, Isn't It?

Obama, bless his heart, is probably not going to be -- forgive me -- shrill and angry enough to make change happen.
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We have three wardogs in the race for the White House. Obama -- while supporting continued threats to the Middle East and military action in Sudan -- seems the most peaceful in intent and current actions. Hillary is both shrill and angry, and McCain is all that and more.

Active-duty military and many veterans tend to find Ron Paul's brand of conservatism -- including its native non-intervention -- wiser and more welcome. Ron Paul is still polling as high as 11% nationally -- this despite a very real mainstream media shutout all year. Ralph Nader is antiwar -- and he is probably pulling 3-5% as we speak. But 15% of the people will not be served -- instead we will get a more urbane version of George W. Bush for another four to eight years.

I know many of you are saying, "...but Obama is about change!" But Hillary is right -- change sounds good, but it takes a bit more than talk to implement concrete redirection and reduction in Washington. Obama, bless his heart, is probably not going to be -- forgive me -- shrill and angry enough to make it happen!

Given that we face a future GWB-lite regime, allow me to put a happy face on it. Here's three bits of good news for us under a continued regime of war, abroad and at home:

First, one in 99 Americans in behind bars, and our spending on prisons, prison construction and prison related employment is skyrocketing. And think of it -- all those young adults aren't out there trying to steal your job!

Secondly, our president recently said that war helps the economy here at home -- you know, the economy that isn't having a recession now and isn't going to have one? Check this out -- Bush says the war in Iraq is good for our economy, violating all known understanding of economics.

Thirdly and along those same lines, what we are doing in Iraq is destroying their agricultural production -- which must mean future good news for farmers in America, what with the increased market and and the need for years of tax-funded food aid in kind to the fertile crescent!

Bush-lite is coming to an America even more financially and emotionally stretched than it has been in the past few years. Don't worry, little sheeple. Voting is your civic duty, and you'll feel so much better after the next election.