War Movie Marathon

"Facing the truth is hard to do, especially the truth about ourselves. So Americans have been sorely pressed to come to terms with the fact that after 9/11 our government began to torture people, and did so in defiance of domestic and international law. Most of us haven't come to terms with what that meant, or means today, but we must reckon with torture, the torture done in our name, allegedly for our safety.

"It's no secret such cruelty occurred; it's just the truth we'd rather not think about. But Memorial Day is a good time to make the effort. Because if we really want to honor the Americans in uniform who gave their lives fighting for their country, we'll redouble our efforts to make sure we're worthy of their sacrifice; we'll renew our commitment to the rule of law, for the rule of law is essential to any civilization worth dying for."

-- Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, "On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons with Torture"

"Try as we might to ignore it, the fact that we tortured and did nothing about it will periodically raise its head -- in a failed prosecution, a foreign court judgment, or a terrorist incident inspired by images from Abu Ghraib. And even when it does not manifest itself so dramatically, the fact that the president of the United States was able to order torture, boast about it in a best-selling book, and walk way scot-free will fuel a deep vein of worldwide resentment. Torture and its after-effects will be with us until we are willing to confront them head-on."

-- David Cole, "Obama's Torture Problem" The New York Review of Books

"Where the devil am I? I keep coming and going."

-- Dana Andrews, Johnny Reno

The North Star After Nazi doctors torture the people of his village, a Ukrainian bomber pilot (Dana Andrews) deliberately crashes his plane into a column of German tanks. (Damian: Farley Granger)

The Purple Heart Captured by the Japanese after his bomber crashes, and accused of a crime they didn't commit, an American pilot (Dana Andrews) and his crew (Farley Granger) resist torture and tell their captors nothing.

The Best Years of Our Lives After World War II, a bomber pilot (Dana Andrews) tries to adjust to civilian life, but is tormented by recurring terrible nightmares about something awful that happened.

Daisy Kenyon A career woman (Joan Crawford) has to choose between two men (Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews) one of whom has terrible nightmares about something awful that happened during the war.

Battle of the Bulge Before crashing his plane, an Army intelligence officer (Henry Fonda) disagrees with his superior (Dana Andrews) about how to interrogate a group of captured Germans.

The Ox-Bow Incident A lynch mob captures a drifter (Dana Andrews) and accuses him of a crime he didn't commit. He refuses to confess, and they hang him anyway. Later, one cowboy (Henry Fonda) feels pretty bad about the whole thing.

Wing and a Prayer A carrier pilot saves his ship and his friend (Dana Andrews) by deliberately crashing his plane into the path of an oncoming torpedo.

My Foolish Heart Based on a short story by J.D. Salinger, a free-spirited woman's first love comes to a tragic end when the father of her unborn child (Dana Andrews) blows up in his bomber.

December 7th After Japanese planes bomb Pearl Harbor, a graveyard full of dead pilots (voice of Dana Andrews) see their unborn children and call out for vengeance from the afterlife.

Where the Sidewalk Ends A detective (Dana Andrews) beats a suspect to death during an interrogation, and then tries to frame an innocent man for the crime.

Curse of the Demon A psychologist (Dana Andrews) inadvertently kills a mental patient during an interrogation, and is pursued by a demon.

In Harm's Way Not accused of a crime he did commit, Commander Paul Eddington deliberately crashes his plane into a Japanese super battleship. (Eddington: Kirk Douglas. Admiral "Blackjack" Broderick: Dana Andrews)

The Fearmakers After years of torture in a Chinese prison camp, Captain Alan Eaton (Dana Andrews) returns to America and sees sinister conspiracies everywhere. Is he losing his mind?

Zero Hour! When food poisoning incapacitates the crew of a commercial airliner, the lives of the passengers are in the hands of a former fighter pilot (Dana Andrews). The problem? He's still haunted by the time his whole squadron crashed during the war.

Airport 1975 A 747 collides with a small plane piloted by Dana Andrews.

The Crowded Sky A Navy pilot accidentally crashes his jet into a commercial airliner piloted by Dana Andrews.

The Pilot (AKA Danger in the Skies) Pilots confront drinking problems, with Cliff Robertson and Dana Andrews

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt A novelist (Dana Andrews) faces the death penalty after he frames himself for a crime that he did, didn't, did, didn't, did commit.

Laura A detective finds himself falling in love with a dead woman, and Clifton Webb warns him, "You'd better watch out, McPherson, or you'll finish up in a psychiatric ward." McPherson: Dana Andrews.

Johnny Reno After killing a man for a crime he didn't commit, a US Marshall (Dana Andrews) defends the man's brother from a lynch mob, who want to hang him for a crime he didn't commit, either.

Good Guys Wear Black A trail of murders leads Chuck Norris to a guilt-racked former diplomat and the cover-up of a decade-old battlefield crime. Former Diplomat: Dana Andrews.

Edge of Doom When Farley Granger is accused of crime he didn't commit, a crusading inner city priest (Dana Andrews) tells the police to charge him or let him go.

The Twilight Zone: No Time Like the Past Wanting to fix things, a scientist (Dana Andrews) builds a time machine and tries to warn the people of Hiroshima that they're about to be bombed. No dice.

The Frozen Dead Wanting to fix things, a scientist (Dana Andrews) tries to bring German soldiers back from the dead. It just makes things worse.

Crack in the World Wanting to fix things, a scientist (Dana Andrews) fires an atomic bomb at the center of the earth. Nope.

A Walk in the Sun Under the command of Dana Andrews, an American infantry platoon captures a pair of Italian deserters. Asks them a few questions, gives them some food and lets them go again.

Fade out.