War On Christmas PSA (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: War On Christmas PSA

When we first saw Rick Perry's anti-gay campaign ad for Iowa entitled "Strong," we couldn't believe how much we've been ignoring the issue of Christmas-starved children in America due to gays in the military.

How could we have been so neglectful?

It took the mind of Rick Perry to bring this all-too-important issue to the foreground. And while the ad has already been parodied and people continue to criticize his logic, we thought it only appropriate to help spread further awareness of the children who can't "openly celebrate" Christmas in school with a "War On Christmas" PSA.

There is a war on Christmas, a war with no casualties, costs or any negative effects any one can realistically claim. But it's a war nevertheless.

Which side will you stand on?

Narration by Darbi Worley, music by Kevin MacLeod and all images courtesy of BigStock.

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