War on Women Becomes Law of the Land if Romney Chooses the Supreme Court

There are great reasons that voters should urgently support the Obama-Biden ticket.

I discussed the first in a recent column in The Hill, which detailed at length the American economic comeback that has begun under President Obama, and moves towards greater social justice, which would be reversed in a Romney presidency.

The other dramatic, urgent reason President Obama must be reelected would be the catastrophic destruction of justice in America, and the rights and opportunities of women, if Mitt Romney gives the right-wing of the Republican party the Supreme Court of the United States for the next 20 to 30 years.

Mitt Romney opposes pay equity for women and supports overturning Roe v. Wade. Imagine if Romney names one, two or even three new justices to the Supreme Court who will be chosen to win him support from Rush Limbaugh, the far right, and the tea party, which is exactly what Romney would do.

Imagine a Supreme Court with six or seven justices who resemble Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas. Romney-named justices would literally provoke a domestic political civil war over a woman's right to choose, which will be ended if a Romney presidency leads to a Scalia Court.

While much has been made over the issue of the Romney binders, a legitimate issue, the danger of a Supreme Court dominated for 20 to 30 years by young new far right justices chosen by Romney would be an epic and historic disaster for civil rights, human rights, voting rights, social justice, economic fairness and a woman's right to choose.

The Republican right would have a veto over Romney court nominees.

The Republican right stands proudly with Todd Akin, a Republican Senate candidate in Missouri who speaks of legitimate rape, who will hopefully be defeated by Senator Claire McCaskill.

One of the great heroes of the Republican right is Joe Walsh, a Congressman from Illinois, who will hopefully be defeated by the excellent Tammy Duckworth, has said that a woman's life can never be saved by exercising her right of choice.

One of the most important candidates of the right, Scott Brown, who will hopefully be defeated by the incomparably courageous Elizabeth Warren, has said his model for a Supreme Court justice would be Justice Scalia.

Heaven help justice in America if Mitt Romney is given the power to turn the Supreme Court of the United States into his great gift to the far right of the Republican party.

For the poor, for workers, for consumers, for those who believe America should be a nation of justice for all, there is no more urgent matter than preventing Mitt Romney from having the power to make the war on women the law of the land.