Ward Connerly Cashes In: Profiteering exposed by...The American Conservative!

Ward Connerly, the California lobbyist who has been running a divisive, multi-million dollar campaign to outlaw equal opportunity programs across the country, has been exposed by an unlikely source- The American Conservative:

"As an activist, Connerly has made millions opposing affirmative action. As a businessman and consultant, he has also made hundreds of thousands in large part because of it."

In fact, based on available information from the 990 forms filed by Connerly with the IRS, between 1997 and 2006, Connerly has lined his own pockets with over $7.6 million from his two tax exempt, non-profit organizations; American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), 501(c) 3, and American Civil Rights Coalition (ACRC), 501(c) 4.

This includes over $500,000 in salary from 2004 to mid-2006 and $2.2 million in payments that Connerly paid himself just for "speaking fees and interviews."

This comes on the heels of a PBS NOW investigative piece on Connerly where they look at, in part, Connerly's relationship with construction contractors who stand to benefit big time by eliminating competition from women and minority owned small businesses. Connerly is a long time lobbyist for the contracting industry -- but he continues to lie about it and PBS exposes his lie in their recent interview.

Connerly has targeted five states -- Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- with his divisive and misleadingly named "civil rights" initiatives. But, after spending nearly $3 million, Connerly has failed to make the ballot in Arizona, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
Connerly currently faces legal challenges in Colorado and Nebraska accusing his campaign of using fraud and deception to get his initiative on the ballot. Connerly has left a trail of voter fraud across the country this year.

In Nebraska, the lawsuit challenges the fraudulent and illegal actions of paid petition circulators and notaries employed by Connerly. The lawsuit challenges at least 40,228 signatures submitted to the Secretary of State by Connerly because of the pattern of fraud and illegality.

With conservatives raising questions about Connerly's profiteering, fraud and failure you have to wonder why the mainstream media has been so slow to the story.

One thing is clear -- Connerly's base of support is thinking twice about backing an effort that when you scratch the surface, is nothing more than a lobbyist using not-for-profit slush funds as his personal ATM.

Conservatives are right to be asking questions. As The American Conservative report reveals;

"An IRS spokesman said that he could not comment on a case under investigation."

For more information visit www.stopballotfraud.org.