Warholmania: 52 Warhols Hit New York's Contemporary Art Auctions This Week

NEW YORK-- This week an explosion of Andy Warhol's paintings are heading to auction in New York, with Sotheby's, Christie's, and Phillips de Pury together offering 14 lots in their evening sales, carrying a gobstopping collective high estimate of $148.7 million. That's not even counting the Pop artist's works in their day sales, which bring the number up to 52 -- in other words, a Warhol for every week of the year. Whether this profusion will flood the market -- stretching the artist's 15 minutes to its breaking point, so to speak -- or feed it remains to be seen, although buyers have largely proven eager to absorb the artist's massive oeuvre whenever it has come under the hammer recently.


Andy Warhol's "Camouflage" is estimated to sell for $1.5-1.8 million at Sotheby's. / Courtesy Sotheby's

Here, to whet the appetites of deep-pocketed Warhol fanatics (hello, Mugrabi brothers), we present a comprehensive view of the Warhols coming to market, including a few of the choicer day say pieces.


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