17 Things That Happen When You Skip Winter Entirely

People dream of living in a tropical paradise to avoid the frozen hell known as wintertime, but it's not so easy to live in an endless summer. It really plays with your mind.

So crank the A.C., heat up some cocoa, cuddle up to the one you love (aka Netflix), and let us commiserate with you:

1. When it's 70 degrees outside, your Pumpkin Spice Latte just isn't the same.

2. You'd do anything for snow ... but maybe only a flurry.

3. You feel pretty left out when your Facebook fills up with complaints about the cold, and you're over here like:

4. You miss boots. And scarves. And all the other cute winter accessories.

5. Still, you gotta bundle up on those frigid, 65-degree nights.

socks sandals

6. And you try to make sweaters work -- until you realize there’s a reason they’re called sweaters.

7. Instead of deciding which coat you're going to bundle up in, you have to decide which SPF you're going to slather on.

8. And you might want to cuddle up under a blanket, next to a warm fire, but these beach barbecue invitations just.won't.stop.

9. Having to shave your legs year-round is the ultimate tragedy.

10. At least you don't miss sledding.

11. Or snowmen.

sand snowman

12. And your sand angels are masterpieces.

sand angel

13. But even with your beach adventures, you can't help but be a little jealous of your friends' adorably snowy Instagram photos.

14. So you post some snorkeling/hiking/surfing pics to make yourself feel better.

15. Sure, you might get a bit sad about not having a white Christmas...

16. But just remember that cold is the enemy.

17. Perpetual summer reigns supreme!

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