16 Warm Gifts For People Who Are Always Cold

Cold-weather gifts for him, her, your mom, your friends and more.
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There’s no denying it: Temperatures are dropping and winter is coming, which means puffer coats, mittens and scarves are becoming day-to-day accessories. If you’re a winter lover, then you’re probably in your element this time of year, but not everyone can warm up to winter’s chill. (And we’re not talking personality-wise!)

We all have a mom, friend or coworker who is always cold, and for those folks this time of year can be anything but chill. Whether they stockpile portable hand warmers or always keep a backup sweater in their desk, this list is full of gift ideas meant to warm up your friends who are always cold.

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Keep your frigid friends toasty with these 16 warm gift ideas below:

A splurge-worthy towel warmer.
The only thing worse than being cold all the time is being extra cold after getting out of a warm shower. This sleek towel warmer from Brookstone ensures that your giftee stays nice and cozy the moment they step out of the tub. Bonus: It can take the chill out of oversized towels and bathrobes, too.
A cold-weather proof pair of leggings.
These cold weather tights from Athleta provide extra warmth without extra bulk. Reviewers are obsessed with wearing them for travel, mainly because of their comfort and versatility. They feature a rear zip pocket that is perfect for keys, credit cards or loose change.
A scrub that does more than scrub away dead skin.
An on-contact warming scrub that also promises to relax sore muscles and detox skin after a sweat session. What’s not to love? Whether your BFF uses it post-workout or just when they have the chills is entirely up to them.
A temperature-control mug to keep their coffee and tea warm for hours.
One of the best remedies for frozen fingers is a steaming mug of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug can be preset to your cold friend’s preferred drinking temperature to keep their beverage warm for literally hours. Chilly hands, be gone!
This reusable hand warmer that also charges your electronics.
Being cold while skiing or trailblazing is one thing. But being cold AND having a dead smartphone is another…. This 2-in-1 device will replace your friend’s supply of hand warmers while giving them a backup phone charger. It’s great for outdoor enthusiasts who want something a little stronger than a traditional throwaway hand warmer.
This set of shearling-lined headphones.
Uggs create more than just shearling-lined ankle boots. The brand that made tan, wool-lined fabric boots all the rage in the early-to-mid 2000s has a new look, in the form of cold weather headphones. The built-in audio speaker with a removable cord means your giftee can jam out in style while keeping their ears toasty.
A warm coat from Amazon with more than 5,000 reviews.
There’s no such thing as too many jackets, especially for someone who tends to get the chills easily. More than 5,000 reviews on Amazon praise this $100 jacket for its warmth, well-made design, plethora of pockets and lightweight feel.
An electric blanket that doesn’t look like an electric blanket.
When you think of an electric blanket or throw, your mind likely goes to an old, drab one that is forgotten in a back closet. Luckily, these winter essentials have gotten a stylish upgrade. This particular throw is printed with a metallic design for a sparkly touch, perfect for teens, tweens, moms and more.
A fun warming mouse pad, for the cold coworker.
If you’re looking for a gag gift for your coworker who is always complaining about the blasting air conditioning, look no further than this furry mouse pad warmer. Will your coworker laugh when they open this present? Yes. Will it become their favorite desk accessory? Also yes. That’s a real sign of accomplished gift-giving.
This practical scarf that can be worn several ways.
It’s a scarf. It’s a wrap. It’s a cardigan. It’s all of the above. This multifunctional piece from Lululemon is ideal for jetsetters and backpackers who want to pack less but still keep the chill away.
A tea that tastes like chocolate.
Uncommon Goods
Nothing says “I love you” like a box of chocolates. But a tea blended with chocolate is a sweet option for the friend who is always cold. Warm their heart and spirit with this set from Uncommon Goods. It contains two 3.5 ounce tins with two different brews.
An upgraded space heater.
Cold-blooded friends don’t want their chilly fingers and toes to keep them from getting a good night’s rest. This modern space heater, at only 7.7 pounds and 25 inches long, is easy to pack up and use in any small space of the home.
This pair of cozy house slippers.
The name of these says it all — these slippers are made for the comfort of anybody’s home. That said, your chilly friend, mom, and even grandma will fall in love with the faux shearling lining as well as the rubber outsole of these TOMS. So much so that they may accidentally forget to take them off when they leave the house….
A pair of cute leg warmers.
This ‘80s trend is back, and in a good way. These knee-high leg warmers from Anthropologie deserve to be shown off. Wear them over skinny jeans or leggings for some added warmth and style.
A gift card for the perfect spa experience.
Treat your loved one to a hot stone massage through SpaFinder. This online service takes the hassle out of finding a spa service. A hot stone massage is sure to be the most relaxing, rejuvenating and warming way to say you care. Give your friend a gift card so they can book their own treatment.
A cute beanie to pull over their frozen ears.
Remember when you were a kid and your mom nagged you for forgetting to put on a hat? Well, with this Rebecca Minkoff beanie, your friend — or perhaps even mom herself — will find an excuse to wear it all the time.

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