15 Cozy Gifts For People You Want To See Outside This Winter

Everything you and your loved ones need for safe, socially distant gatherings during the cold winter months.

Ah, the great outdoors.

It’s hard to overstate how valuable being outside has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outdoors have afforded us exercise, fresh air and, when done correctly, one of the the safest ways to see our loved ones from a distance.

Though it’s been nearly a year since the coronavirus first broke out, we have yet to experience the pandemic during a full winter season. Promising vaccine news offers a glimpse at the light at the end of the tunnel, but as cases continue to increase around the country, it’s more important than ever to take safety precautions for ourselves ― and for our loved ones.

Luckily, with the right materials, a cold-weather hang can be bearable and, dare we say, fashionable, too? These 15 items would make perfect gifts for those in your 6-feet-away circle who want to see each other without freezing their face masks off.

Check out our picks for warm, cozy and cute cold weather gifts below.

A Warm, Fun Beanie
So cute. So cozy. Get the Ugg Sherpa Cuff beanie for $55.
A Big, Big Scarf
It's an outfit without actually having to be an outfit. Get the Woolrich bouclé wool scarf for $101.50.
A Fuzzy Pullover
You might want to just keep this one for yourself. Get the Michi foxy pullover for $179.
A Face Mask Made From Leftover Suiting
Warmer than your average face mask, not to mention pretty darn sharp. Get the Rowing Blazers herringbone mask for $25.
Budget-Friendly Tech Gloves
Now, your pals can tell you when they're running 10 minutes late. Get the Muji wool mixed brush touchscreen gloves for $19.
Two Words: Fleece. Tights.
These are a total game-changer. Get the Berkshire cozy hose fleece tights from Macy's, now $9.80.
A Tie-Dye Flask, Natch.
Sometimes, the best way to warm up is from the inside out. Get the Brumate liquor canteen for $24.99.
A 'Just Throw It On' Sweatsuit
Quick and easy wear for a driveway hang. Plus, the phrase "Cozy AF" is right there in the name. Get the Aritzia CozyAF boyfriend sweatpant for $60 and CozyAF perfect shrunken hoodie for $70.
A Candle To Come Home To
Because we can't all have fireplaces. Get the 228 Grant Street amber + sandalwood jar for $21.
A High-Coverage First Layer
ARQ undies are super flattering and comfortable, plus more coverage = more warmth. Get the ARQ high-rise undies for $28.
A Tried-And-True Pair Of Tech Gloves
When it comes to tech gloves, we say the more the merrier. Get the North Face etip gloves for $27.
The Warmest Booties
Sorel's boots are super warm, but they can also be super unwieldy. These booties are easier to throw on, and they're top-rated for being waterproof and warm. Get the Sorel out 'n about plus boot for $120.
Socks That Are Tie-Dye For (Sorry)
Bombas reigns supreme in the sock department. This merino wool four-pack is cute and cozy. Get the Bombas merino tie-dye gift box for $78.
Cozy Shoes To Throw On
They may be sandals, but trust us, they will keep your toes toasty. Get the Teva hurricane shearling sandal for $90.
Knitted Tights
Uniqlo's entire heattech line will keep you warm, but not all of it will also look cool under a dress. Get the Uniqlo heattech knitted tights for $14.90.
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