Warning the World About the Dangers of Trump

I’ve been writing about the dangers of Trump since February 2016 in books, press releases, and articles posted here. And now it seems the nation and world is finally waking up to the urgency of doing something to stop the most powerful man in the world who is recognized as a malignant narcissist, sociopath, racist, misogynist, and alt-right sympathizer with growing mental problems including dementia, paranoia, and a general rage and hatred to almost everyone. The list goes on and on, and as more and more people get attacked or realize the latest executive order or legislative effort might affect them, such as with the loss of health insurance and emergency aid in the case of a natural disaster, they have turned against him. Meanwhile, the Twitter rants continue, attacking and insulting the latest victims from political enemies and national leaders to the poor and defenseless. At the same time, Trump has been taking more vacations than anyone at his own properties, meaning even more money for his business, while the American taxpayer pays and pays.

At least people are finally waking up. Bob Corker has signaled he is ready to start impeachment proceedings, and A Duty to Warn (http://adutytowarn.org), an organization of mental health professionals, just released a documentary about the dangers Trump presents to the nation because of his malignant narcissism, sociopathy, and growing dementia. The organization led by Dr. John Gartner has also organized a petition to Congress to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment, because he is not psychologically fit.

Here’s most of a press release I just sent out to the media to contribute to this spreading wake up call.

A series of books about Trump, about lying, and about sociopaths help to illustrate why he is a danger and show why he should removed. In fact, there is even a website about what’s wrong with Trump at Trump is a Nut (www.trumpisanut.com), also accessible through the Trump Is Nuts name. (www.trumpisanut.net).

One of the books published about Trump is Trump Is a Nut! published on June 23 with a five star Amazon review. The book is also part of a trilogy called Who Is Trump, Really? , which includes the books: Trump Is Extinct – Or May Be Soon! and Trump Is an Animal, which compare Trump respectively to extinct beasts and early humans and to fighting animals, like the kangaroo and chimpanzee.

Another book includes two articles about how Trump has the early stages of Alzheimer’s: Trumpty Dumpty . Additionally, there are two books about lying and how and why sociopaths lie: Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How to Detect and Deal with Them and The Truth About Lying .

These books help to underline the fact that Trump is a clear and present danger to democracy and the world, and at any moment, he could in a fit of anger and hate click on a button that could destroy civilization as we know it within minutes.

Both the books and website were developed by author/sociologist Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., who has been closely following Trump’s election and the presidency for the past two years. She even wrote a poem Dear Donald Trump, Are We Going to War? by A. Concerned Citizen that was published on April 15, 2017. Now, 6 months later, it seems we are closer to war than ever.

When will Congress wake up to these warnings from a growing number of voices in the media and public? Or when will Pence and the Cabinet act to stop this train to destruction that seems to be hurling towards us more quickly than ever.


As I indicated in this release, I have been an observer of the election and Trump’s presidency since February 2016, when I first started writing a series of articles on Trump for the Huffington Post and published the first of a series of books on the election – 2016 Election Fairy Tales, with tales like “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Trump,” followed by 2016 Election Monsters, Myths, and Mayhem, comparing Trump to a series of mythical monsters, such as the Medusa, Minotaur, and Devil.

I bring to these books on Trump a background as a sociologist, popular writer, and independent publisher who helps other authors self-publish their books. I also became a registered Republican, after previously being an independent voter, so I could vote against Trump for Kasich, although by the time I could vote in California, Kasich had already dropped out, so Trump was the only Republican left. I published over 50 books with major publishers and 100 with my own publishing company, Changemakers Publishing, 8 of them about Trump.

I also wrote in The New Middle Age about how life today is increasingly like medieval times, and my other new books include Scammed from Allworth Press about recent scams and how to avoid them and The Science of Living Longer from ABC-Clio about anti-aging and immortality research. My websites include www.ginigrahamscott.com and www.changemakerspublishingandwriting.com.

A PDF of any of the Trump books is available to members of the media and book bloggers and reviewers.

You can contact me at changemakerspub@att.net.

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