Warning: This Activity Book May Give You A Biebergasm

Sorry for saying "Biebergasm."

Calling all Beliebers, Biebettes, Bieberholics and Bieberphiles -- yes, these are all real entries in the Bieber Dictionary -- instead of wasting your days on the Internet waiting for pop culture's cutest enfant terrible to rock a new culturally insensitive hairstyle or maybe get with Kourtney Kardashian, why not channel your love for the Biebs with a good ol' fashioned activity book? 

Seeing is Beliebing -- The Justin Bieber Activity Book is a beautiful throwback to your favorite childhood pastimes, all starring your favorite tortured baby pop star. Artists including Karin Söderquist, Jason Sturgill, Dingding Hu and Elena Epers contributed to the compendium with glorious Bieber-centric mazes, connect-the-dots, paper dolls and coloring pages. 

The hilariously on-point book is especially appropriate given the Biebs' own penchant for coloring books, as he recently shared on Instagram. 

Find your purpose in the wonderfully tatted-up pages of Sugoi Books' newest gem. Yes, that monkey makes a sad appearance. For more celeb-centric adult coloring books, check out Drake and Kanye's editions.

  • Sorry Coloring by Michael Arnold
  • Dress Justin by Elena Eper
  • Bieber Emoji by David Flaherty
  • Where's Bieber by Bethany Walrond
  • Bieber Paper Doll by Dingding Hu
  • Bieber Time by Jay Barnham
  • Monkey by Jason Sturgill
  • Spot the difference by Sonny Ross
  • Bieber connect the dots by Verity Slade
  • Bieber Maze by Bridget Meyne


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