Warning! Three “nude” posts that landed me in Facebook jail.

If you violate Facebook’s community standards, you end up in Facebook jail.

First, your account is not functional.  You have to log in.  You must read and agree to the standards of the community.  If you do, then you can read posts, but you are banned for a specified time from posting, commenting or liking.

Each time you violate these standards, the jail period becomes longer.

There are several reasons why users end up in jail, such as for sending too many friend requests, for abusive behavior, for hateful or threatening speech.  Generally, a “friend” will report this behavior and Facebook staff will review and make a final decision as to place you in jail or not.

Generally, a “friend” will report this substandard behavior which the Facebook staff will review and make a final decision as to imprison you or not.

Friends may also find nudity offensive and report you to big brother.

Here are three posts that landed me in jail over the past two years.

When Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27, 2015, I posted his work of art which combines his expression of Shekhinah (God’s female energy in Judaism) through photography.



As an avid art lover and collector, at the time of his death, this photo spoke to me spiritually.  I find it a mystic work of art, as did the star of Star Trek.  But, I also understood how it could offend.

The next time I ended up in jail was amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Sometimes humor serves as a mechanism against angst.  Other times, it ends you up in Facebook jail.  Here is my post.  I’m sorry if it’s not funny to you.




Currently, I’m in jail for this post which went viral in Canada.  In Canada, lesbians are considered hot, whereas in Saudi Arabia they are killed.  It’s a bold statement with a powerful message.  It reminds me of when Ahmadinejad said we have no gays in Iran.  It ended me up in jail.  Choose equality is the message to a country where women are not allowed to drive.




Do you remember the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life?”  After George Bailey (James Stewart) wishes he had never been born, his angel (Henry Travers) appears to show him how many lives he has impacted, and how different the world would have been without him.  He can see people, but he can’t talk, he can’t act.

That’s what Facebook jail feels like.

Each time I post, I ask myself if I would be offending my teenage daughters and the many other young women whose mothers have recommended to follow me. 

That is my litmus test and I believe it should be used by Facebook also.

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