Warning: You're a Failure... And So Am I

hand was choosing success on...
hand was choosing success on...

Success stories -- they're everywhere. All too often, we read articles and blogs about how people made their transition into the amazing positions they are now in. From geek to chic, rags to riches; there are so many cliches to describe this wonderful way that people have turned their lives around and transformed into something new, seemingly overnight.

But here is the reality: We are all failures; works in progress. We are all comprised of our collective failures that lead up to our successes. Think back to your high school days, when you were applying for college. If you were one of the ones that didn't get into your first choice, that was a failure. Moving on to a different college, where you met your roommate turned business partner: success. Remember that break up with the "love of your life" that left you in bed for a week, smelling like dirty gym socks and farts? Didn't that lead you to the one that respected you? Or maybe it pushed you to join a gym, or a photography class where you found a new hobby and passion? That is the best example of failure to success.

When we define and compare our lives to these overnight victories of others, we are putting so much pressure on ourselves to succeed in a way that's unattainable most of the time. There's a reason why the saying, "The road to success is paved with failure" is so true, and I want to prove it to you.

Almost three years ago, I started my blog and Facebook fan page. What started out as a way to distract me from a flare up of my auto-immune disorder, turned into a way for me to earn a little bit of money -- emphasis on little bit. Now, I want to take my blog to the next level: a sharing site for writers to publish and promote their work while gaining experience and exposure. Hopefully, I will be able to compensate my guest writers by the end of the year; but the goal is halfway through.

I have never put myself out there like this before, and whether or not this turns into my next big thing, I know this: I will fail along the way. I will make mistakes. But what I want you to know, is that I won't keep my failures a secret. I want to wear it on my sleeve, so that I can show that life goes on. Business goes on. That we can put our failures in our arsenal belt and use the experience in the future, having hopefully learned a lesson.

So please join me on my new journey for 2015. I will write about it all: when I feel great and things are going well, when things look so bad that I just want to give up. When my husband is frustrated that I've got my nose in my computer most nights, or when my kids have to eat scrambled eggs for dinner again because I didn't have time to cook. Of course, I hope that my failures build my road to my ultimate goal, but if not, I'll be ok. Or maybe where I'm going, I won't need roads....(OK, now you know how old I am).

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