Warren Beatty's Daughter: The Media Is Kind and Gentle -- or Carefully Controlled

I missed the story about Warren Beatty's 18-year-old daughter planning to have a sex-change operation. Beatty's wife, Annette Bening, apparently canceled many of her appearances related to the movie The Kids Are All Right when it opened this summer because of her own family issues. Bening is said to be supporting her daughter; Beatty himself is distraught and opposed to his daughter's decision.

I could have read this in the New York Post's Page Six a few weeks ago, but I missed it. The Post could have picked this up from the National Enquirer and a few of the British papers in June, but seems to have missed it, too.

It's not a hidden story. It's been out there. And yet it's hardly made an impression (we missed it at Newser). This is because...the media is incredibly decorous and understanding?

Or because a story about children of big stars who have sex-change operations is so ho-hum (Cher's daughter)?

Or is there some more complicated politics here? Some secret double standard as to who is subjected to intrusive media inquiry and who is not? Some unseen hand giving special dispensations?

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