Warren Buffett Matches Student Katie Murphy's $300 Donation To Decrease Budget Deficit

Warren Buffett Matches Teen's Donation To Reduce Budget Deficit

At 16, Katie Murphy of Northbrook Ill., decided to take the federal budget deficit into her own hands, citing the problem as one her generation will have to solve.

Much to her surprise, she's getting a little help from billionaire Warren Buffett.

Murphy wrote Buffett a letter asking him to match her donation of $300 to the deficit. She said she was inspired by Buffett's challenge to Republican lawmakers to give their own money, in which he pledged to double whatever they gave.

To Murphy's great surprise, Buffett wrote back and agreed, ABC7 reports.

"That was 15 percent of my own personal wealth," Murphy told the news source. "And I really just wanted to make a statement for my own generation who will be dealing with the unemployment and college debt, that if people don't act now that's going to be our problem for years to come."

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