Warren Buffett Sings 'I'm Only A Paperboy,' Dresses Up (VIDEO)

In case you thought Warren Buffett couldn’t get any more adorable, there is now a video of the Oracle of Omaha dressed in a bow tie, sweater vest and cap singing "I'm Only A Paperboy" to the tune of "It's Only A Paper Moon" at the Omaha Press Club Show (h/t CNBC).

The 81-year-old Buffett looked pretty good up there (perhaps he's been taking lessons from his pal Jay-Z?), but this also isn't the first time the billionaire has serenaded his fans; he played the ukelele and sang in a video he made in honor of the Chinese New Year.

Still, Buffett who threw newspapers out into the crowd during his Omaha performance, likely has a soft spot for the newspaper industry. He bought his hometown newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald last year, according to CNBC.