Warren Moon: Marshawn Lynch ‘Isn't A Dumb Kid' When It Comes To The Media, Won't Retire

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon enjoyed an illustrious 23-year professional career in both the CFL and NFL. A nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback, Moon helped dispel the preconceived notion that African-Americans could not successfully play the position. The 58-year-old Los Angeles native currently serves as a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks.

Moon caught up with me on HuffPost Live to discuss the last play of the Super Bowl, why he believes Marshawn Lynch's playing career is far from over and offer a piece of advice for Jameis Winston.

Click below to see Moon discuss the Seahawks' controversial decision to end the Super Bowl.

Click below to learn why Moon is rooting for Jameis Winston in more than just football.

Click below to watch Moon break down Lynch and the media.

Click below to see why Moon believes the NFL is doing the right thing when it comes to concussion protocol and safety.

Here is my full-length interview with Moon on HuffPost Live.

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