Disney Princesses Get A Warrior Makeover

Disney Princesses Get Awesome Warrior Makeover, Are Totally Ready For Battle

No one is tough like a Disney princess. They're not just super-chic, smart and beautiful, but also able to overcome any obstacle. But what would they look like as actual warriors? DeviantART user Sadyna has created an art series of warrior princesses that brings the Disney women to a whole new level.

View several of Sadyna's updated princesses below. Then check out the full collection on DeviantART to see more illustrations and read fan-fiction stories for several of the warrior women.

"Powhatan's Pride" - Pocahontas
"Rogue Maiden" - Cinderella
"Royal Confidant" - Belle
"Sleepless Guardian" - Sleeping Beauty
"Voice of the Ocean" - Ariel
"Warrior of Seven Arrows" - Snow White
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