The 7 Meanest Things Stephen Curry's Warriors Did To The Spurs Monday Night

Avert your eyes, Texas.

It was supposed to be the Golden State Warriors’ biggest test thus far this season. It was supposed to prove that the rest of the NBA had a fighting chance against the defending champs. But when the San Antonio Spurs took on the boys in blue and gold on Monday, all it showed was that there really is no ceiling for this Stephen Curry-led Warriors squad. 

In the matchup between the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the league last night, the young, dynamic Warriors teased and trounced on the comparatively elderly Spurs, who, for once, showed their age. Although San Antonio was without franchise cornerstone Tim Duncan, who was resting his veteran bones, the 120-90 loss to the Warriors was inarguably embarrassing for a team that prides itself on remaining unruffled no matter the circumstance.

Head coach Gregg Popovich said as much after the game, joking (at the expense of a certain Eastern Conference-leading franchise) that he could’ve gotten fired for the 30-point drubbing. And while the tie between Pop and San Antonio won’t be broken anytime soon, a few things were broken on Monday night, including most of the Spurs’ ankles and their fan base’s collective morale.

In short, Monday night was brutal for San Antonio. But here were the seven meanest things that Golden State did to the Spurs last night.


1. Curry decided to kick off the game with a 30-foot layup 

2. And then, just 50 seconds later, went coast to coast, nabbing the steal, whipping the ball around his back and laying it through the net.

3. Draymond Green proved he has perfect timing.

4. Curry made Kawhi Leonard, the best perimeter defender in the league, look like a fool.

5. And then, after hitting yet another deep triple, the Chef danced. 

6. How many times did Curry go behind the back here? Two? Three? Four? And then the teardrop. As one does.

7. We're so sorry, LaMarcus Aldridge.

Just to recap Golden State’s last week and a half, it beat the defending Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers by 34. Then took down the (perennially) up-and-coming Chicago Bulls by 31. Then simply toyed with the second best team in the league, San Antonio, for another 30-point W.

The Warriors just tied the NBA record for best start through 45 games, at 41-4. And after putting the Spurs on a string last night, it’s more unclear than ever when or if they’ll ever buckle under the pressure.

For now, let’s just enjoy the show.


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