Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Says More Gay Athletes Need To Come Out

"It's still not where it needs to be in terms of total acceptance."

Despite some of the advancements made when it comes to addressing gay rights issues and equality in the NBA and major sports leagues in general, there is still a lot of progress that needs to happen.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told HBO's "Real Sports" that, in order for there to be a culture shift in the NBA, more players will need to come out.

"I think a lot more athletes and people in the sports world will need to come out before we really see the change," Kerr said.

The coach also emphasized that he thinks the NBA should treat the use of homophobic rhetoric similarly to how they would address use of a racial slur.

"I think the NBA should treat it exactly how they would treat a racist word -- it's the same thing, it's discrimination," he told HBO Sports.

The most recent example high-profile NBA star using anti-gay language on the court happened in December, when Rajon Rondo called referee Bill Kennedy "a motherf**king faggot" during the game. Some felt Rondo's punishment -- a one-day suspension -- was too soft, given the nature of the offense.

Kennedy would come out as gay just a few days after the incident, although it was reported that his sexual orientation was widely known in NBA circles.

Rondo's outburst is just one example that shows there is still a hostile environment in sports leagues for LGBT individuals. Hopefully adding a high-profile voice such as Kerr’s to the conversation might lead to significant change.