Steph Curry And The Warriors Looked Human In Game 4, So Of Course Twitter Went Wild

Sorry, Riley.

One team in Tuesday's NBA Western Conference Finals was knocking down three-pointer after three-pointer. Finding the open man. Diving for loose balls. Led by a point guard who truly typified the word “superstar.”

The other team was the Golden State Warriors.

For the second straight game and the third time this series, the Oklahoma City Thunder poked, prodded, shot and swatted its way past the reigning NBA champion Warriors, weathering a third-quarter Klay Thompson masterpiece to earn the 118-94 victory -- and a 3-1 series lead.

For the first time this season, the Warriors lost consecutive games. For the first time this season, the Warriors looked, well, human.

And with on-court fallibility comes online accountability. And, obviously, the Twitterverse took the time to show Golden State what it’s been missing as it tore through the league this year, giving the perennial winners a taste of the loser’s medicine as only social media can.

Look away, Warriors fans -- and our apologies to Riley Curry. Here are some of the best in-the-moment tweets about the Warriors’ Game 4 drubbing. 



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