Warwick Davis In Frog Costume For 'Life's Too Short': Ricky Gervais Show Promo

Ricky Gervais Dresses Dwarf Friend As A Frog

If RIcky Gervais' new show, "Life's Too Short," is anything like this new promo clip, it'll have at least one dedicated fan: Gervais himself.

The British comedy mastermind released a new promo video for the upcoming BBC/HBO series, which stars Warwick Davis as the head of a dwarf talent agency who keeps all the best acting jobs for himself. Gervais has called it a mix between his two previous hit shows, "The Office" and "Extras." It's another mockumentary of sorts, and, as with "Extras," will call on a number of celebrity guest stars, such as Johnny Depp and Steve Carell.

The video below is another Gervais mashup: a combination of his love of ripping off the Muppets, and for his star, Davis. And clearly, it's a potent combo.

The show will air on BBC 2 this year, and on HBO in 2012.


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