Warwick Rowers Discuss Stripping Down To Combat Homophobia

What better way to help fight homophobia than with a group of dashing, naked athletes?

It began in 2009, when the University of Warwick's rowing team couldn't afford the equipment they needed. So the teammates figured getting naked and creating a photo calendar was the best way to raise funds.

When the athletes realized much of that support was coming from the gay community, they shifted their focus in 2012 and now donate 10 percent of the calendar's revenue to Sport Allies, a campaign they created to combat homophobia.

"Our way of giving something back -- because [the gay community was] supporting us and enabling us to row -- was to, as young straight athletes, stand in alliance with them and stand up for their rights," rower Laurence Hulse told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps on Monday.

Our hats, or shall we say shirts, go off to you, Warwick Rowers.

Watch the video above to see the rowers discuss their calendar in full shirtless glory.

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