Was This Grandpa Falsely Accused Of Molesting His Grandson?

About two years ago, a policeman knocked on Betty's door, she says, alleging that her husband of 23 years, Bill, had inappropriately touched their 5-year-old grandson.

"Bill was arrested on the spot and taken to jail," she recalls. “Police charged Bill with child molestation, and my husband spent two weeks in jail. I went ballistic. I knew there was no way in the world Bill has ever laid a hand on our grandson. It's all lies ... It was horribly devastating."

In the video above, Bill calls his grandson "sexy butt" several times and pinches him on the butt — a video that Betty believes is "not incriminating at all."

"The prosecutor said they could prove that was a lustful video on Bill's phone,” Betty says. “The prosecutor did claim that that was child abuse.”

A few weeks ago, Bill reached a plea deal, pleading no contest to two counts of felony child abuse. He is now a registered child abuser.

"My husband has been falsely accused,” Betty says through tears. “My husband has done absolutely nothing wrong, and this has completely destroyed our lives."

On Thursday's show, Dr. Phil sits down with Betty and the boy's step-grandmother, who reported the alleged abuse to authorities. Was Bill falsely accused? Watch more here. And, on Friday, hear from Bill, who offers to take a polygraph test.

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