Was Hitler A Homosexual? 'The Daily Show' Investigates (VIDEO)

While "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is still being implemented in this country, last night on "The Daily Show," Jason Jones sat down with Defend the Family President Scott Lively to talk about the much-debated topic. While many oppose gays in the military because of a moral stance, Lively's reason for restricting gays is that the Nazis, including Hitler, were gay themselves, and used gay men in their armies because "open homosexuals are distinct from everyone else, men and women, in being exceptionally brutal and savage."

Jones found this unbelievable, but Lively continued to support his claims with "evidence" that not only was Adolf Hitler a homosexual, but that the Nazis used to have meetings in gay bars. Jones had to know - what is it about being gay that makes people as "vicious" as this man was baselessly claiming? After checking with historian Prof. Dagmar Herzog, who pointed out that the Nazis specifically persecuted homosexuals, Jones confronted Lively with the facts. When Lively simply argued that Nazis persecuted homosexuals to "distract public attention away from their homosexuality," Jones had the perfect opportunity to point out the holes in Lively's theory: "So, that which you hate the most, you secretly are?" To which Lively responded: "I'm not gay."

To put an end to the debate, Jones met with actual openly gay soldiers at a community center in NYC - in full riot gear, of course. Would he be able to conduct the interview without being brutally tortured by these savage killing machines?