Was This Teacher Drunk In Her Elementary School Classroom?

Michelle was accused of showing up to substitute teach elementary school in Oklahoma slurring and stumbling, and school employees said they smelled alcohol on her breath. When school authorities said she was inebriated and incapable of teaching the students, police were called to the scene.

In the video above from Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, police body cam footage reveals Michelle telling police, "I drank a little bit," before they took her to jail. But when Michelle sits down with Dr. Phil, she explains that she meant she had been drinking the night before. That morning, she says, she had taken medicine for the H1N1 virus along with a pain pill and anti-anxiety medication that made her dizzy. "I was out of my head. I don't remember what happened after I took that medicine. That's how sick I was," she says.

"I know I had an alcohol problem. And I know I drank too much at night. But I did not drink that morning," Michelle insists. "There's no way I'd drink at 8 o'clock in the morning. I'm telling you the truth ... I would never drink in the morning."

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil shows Michelle a picture of her drinking wine in the morning before her show appearance, and hear how she responds.

According to Sergeant Kevin Hood, there was "no question" Michelle was drunk, and he says police reports showed Michelle was nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit.

Watch Monday's episode of Dr. Phil when Michelle -- who blames her previous appearance on the Dr. Phil episode "I'm Hot, You're Not!" for giving her negative attention -- gets a wake-up call from Dr. Phil.

"I know I have a drinking problem and I'm owning up to it," she admits. "I am a good teacher. And I know kids like me. And I want to teach again."

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