Washington, D.C. Primary 2012 Results MAP: Voting Updates From The Nation's Capital (REAL-TIME DATA)

Washington, D.C. Republicans head to the polls today to cast their votes for who they feel should take on Barack Obama in November.

The District of Columbia has 16 delegates up for grabs, in addition to the three local party leaders who will all attend the Republican National Convention as unbound "superdelegates." The 16 bound delegates will remain designated to the candidate who receives the most votes on Tuesday, until they are released by the candidate during the convention.

The turnout has apparently been low in the city's 143 precincts, according to the Washington Times. Of the city's 460,000 registered voters, about three-quarters are Democrats, making it even harder to get people to the polls for this closed primary.

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The map below, which is updated automatically every five seconds, features county-by-county data from The Associated Press. To see the returns for a specific county, simply click that area of the map.

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