Washington D.C. Sinkhole Goes Down Very Deep, Still Causes Commuting Problems (PHOTOS)

Wondering what it looks like inside the sinkhole that's been fouling up downtown D.C. traffic since Tuesday?

Oh, and guess what. That sinkhole's got family:

But, if the sinkhole appears to be reproducing -- DCist has already named the new sinkhole "Son of Sinkhole" -- the traffic problems caused by the original at 14th and F streets may at least be on the decline, with two southbound lanes on 14th Street NW reopened in time for Thursday's evening commute.

On the decline, but not over. Sinkhole repairs may last through the upcoming holiday weekend.

Which gives you a little longer to walk over to Ceiba, for its lemonade-out-of-lemons $5 "Sinkhole De Mayo" cocktail -- Appleton VX Rum, house made sour mix, pineapple juice and a shot of grenadine -- which the restaurant, just one block away from the traffic-impeding crater, promises will be on the menu until D.C.'s sinkhole is fixed.

sinkhole cocktail

Meanwhile, to the annoyance of some, the sinkhole's fake Twitter account is struggling with existential issues:

Maybe a drink would help.

And while we've got you, anyone else find the tiniest bit of irony in the road literally falling apart outside the headquarters of these folks?

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