Washington Heights Fire Causes Neighbors To Rescue Man From Burning Apartment (VIDEO)

Neighbors came to the rescue of a man trapped inside a burning apartment in Washington Heights on Monday.

ABC reports the victim was working to refinish the floors of the apartment, located on West 172nd Street, when a fire suddenly broke out.

He climbed onto fifth floor windowsill of the building and screamed for help.

The superintendent of the apartment building next door, Roscindo Lopez, along with two other Good Samaritans, heard the victim's cries and sprung into action.

The rescuers used a ladder to stretch it across a fire escape. One of the men then used the ladder to walk across it and bring the victim to safety.

"They made their way across, as soon as close enough to grab, he tackled them onto the fire escape," said Frank Gonzalez, one of the rescuers.

The dramatic rescue was caught on video.