Washington Continues To Ignore 9/11 Families

Inscription at September 11th Memorial
Inscription at September 11th Memorial

In two weeks time, it will be the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people on American soil.

For 15 years, the 9/11 families have fought to hold all culpable participants in the 9/11 attacks accountable in a court of law -- with little success.

We believe that the United States is a nation of laws and, as American citizens who had loved ones murdered in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we should be entitled to justice for those brutal murders. Legal redress for an injury or murder is a foundational principle of any civilized society.

Yet, in our attempt to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable in a court of law to face the evidence gathered against them, the 9/11 families have been blocked from doing so by the U.S. government.

Shockingly, the president, State Department, and various members of the U.S. Congress choose to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, rather than the rights of U.S. citizens and 9/11 family members.

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have stated that for foreign policy reasons, the 9/11 families should not be able to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -- even though, the 9/11 families have compiled reams of evidence that we believe proves that the Kingdom played a strong role in the financial and logistical support of the 9/11 hijackers. Fortunately, Obama's and Kerry's views were repudiated by the Senate's bi-partisan passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, (JASTA S. 2040) back in May 2016.

In our attempt to garner more support for JASTA (H.R. 3815, S 2040) that would force the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to finally publicly stand trial and face the evidence against them, we have created the 9/11 Families' Accountability Video Project.

This Project is a compilation of 9/11 Family member videos and others making extremely personal, poignant pleas to Congress to pass JASTA (H.R. 3815, S 2040) so we can finally hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for their alleged role in the murder of our loved ones.

Unfortunately, much like many in Washington D.C. are able to turn a blind eye to the Saudis' alleged continued funding of radical Islamic terrorism, many in Washington D.C. are also apparently able to turn a deaf ear to the personal pleas made by the 9/11 families in these powerful videos.

Our voices and faces are being ignored by the obstructionists in Washington.

In two weeks time, many in our government will stand at graves and 9/11 memorials, wrapped in American flags, professing to "Never Forget 9/11." Yet, these men and women are the very same individuals who have thwarted, blocked and denied the 9/11 families path to justice for 15 years. These are the same individuals who won't bother to watch our heartbreaking videos pleading for justice for the murder of our loved ones.

As incredible as it may sound, it has just recently come to our attention that Speaker Paul Ryan might now be joining forces with President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in opposing the 9/11 families and JASTA.

We find Paul Ryan's rumored anti-9/11 family stance gut-wrenching. If this incredible rumor were true, that would be a sin unfathomable to the 9/11 families and all Americans who believe in accountability.

One month ago, Speaker Ryan ran a primary election television commercial ironically titled, "Do More," where he said: "After the terrorist attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino, Americans are right to be worried about ISIS plotting more attacks. As your Congressman, I'm working with national security experts to change practices so we can prevent future attacks. Just talking about national security is not enough." Speaker Ryan then went on to say that we needed new laws and actions by the White House and Congress to protect Americans from terrorist groups like ISIS. We wholeheartedly agree. JASTA would do just that. Just talking about national security is not enough. JASTA must be passed NOW.

For far too long, too many in government have not supported or protected the rights of the 9/11 families to hold the alleged co-conspirators and murderers of our loved ones accountable in a court of law. We believe that the 15th Anniversary will finally see that come to an end when JASTA finally becomes law. Seeing the faces and hearing the voices presented in our videos compels no less.

Please watch and share our videos with your family and friends, post our videos on your favorite blogs and message boards, and make phone calls to your elected officials demanding that they honor the 9/11 dead -- not just by wrapping themselves in the American flag for one solemn day of remembrance -- but by passing JASTA Now.

We hope that you will join us in our journey to truly "Never Forget" our loved ones and to hold those who allegedly conspired to murder our loved ones accountable in a court of law.