Washington Parties in Trump Era: A Good Start

I’ve been asked quite a lot lately how Washington dinner parties will change in the Trump era, what with political tensions as feverish as ever. I saw the perfect example of bipartisan entertaining last week, from, I must admit, an unlikely source. Every spring I look forward to the annual ELLE Women in Washington evening, hosted by the glossy’s editor, Robbie Myers. She always delivers on the perfect trifecta: great guests, venue, and (perhaps most importantly) high fashion sponsor. This year, we were treated to a three course meal at Fiola Mare, overlooking the Potomac, where white tulips in silver cups created a vibe of understated elegance. As a Trump supporter, I braced myself for what I thought would be an endless lamentation about the plight of women under the President’s “regime,” or a recruitment drive to join “the resistance.” I was pleasantly surprised. To the credit of the ELLE team, nary a word was mentioned about the administration. Instead, the guests (almost exclusively women in media and politics) felt free to catch up (on everything) and enjoy each other’s company. Campaign conversations did creep in, but because the atmosphere (and wine) were so calming, we all felt a much needed sense of détente and coziness. The purpose of the event is to highlight the magazine’s yearly homage to women making strides here. Check out your new ELLE for interviews and photos of the honorees including journalist Judy Woodruff, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, NBC’s Katy Tur, and Sarah Chamberlain, a GOP operative looking to expand her PAC into “the EMILY’s List for the right.” The jury is still out on if Washington polite society can remain so polite, but dinners like these give me great hope for the invitations ahead.

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