Washington Post Issues Warning About Donald Trump's Fourth Of July Bash

The newspaper's editorial board explained why Americans shouldn't be lured by the spectacle of the event.

The Washington Post editorial board has issued a warning to Americans, urging them not to be taken in by the pomp and ceremony that will be on display at President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July celebration in Washington.

Trump has hijacked this year’s party in the capital and plans to station tanks on the streets and a flyover of warplanes overhead.

“The order of the day as ordained by Mr. Trump will not be patriotism but instead personality and politics,” wrote the newspaper’s editorial board Monday in an opinion titled “Trump’s Fourth of July plans just keep getting worse.”

The board also questioned the cost of such festivities and the message sent by “a gaudy display of military hardware that is more in keeping with a banana republic than the world’s oldest democracy.”

Americans “shouldn’t be lured by the trappings or the spectacle or the rhetoric of Mr. Trump,” the board said, instead suggesting they should “claim the day for values embraced by the founders: freedom, tolerance and respect for all.”