Washington Post Editorial Board Puts Senate GOP On Notice Over Coronavirus Relief

“The GOP is out of time," the newspaper’s board warned in its latest editorial.

The Washington Post editorial board has taken Senate Republicans to task for failing to agree on a new coronavirus relief bill.

The newspaper’s board, in an editorial published Wednesday, accused GOP senators of instead “grandstanding,” denying reality and ideological point-scoring.

“Congress needs an agreement, now,” the editorial urged.

“House Democrats passed a comprehensive coronavirus relief bill in May. Republicans waited,” the board recalled. “Now, with federal economic aid expiring at month’s end, they cannot agree among themselves on a plan, let alone forge a compromise with Democrats.”

“The GOP is out of time, and there is no reasonable alternative to continuing massive federal aid,” the op-ed continued, noting how “quite a few” Republican senators appear to actually favor the bill.

It added: “Republicans must admit the obvious and get a bill passed, immediately.”


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