Washington Post Tells Donald Trump In No Uncertain Terms: Congress Can Investigate You

The newspaper’s editorial board also explained why the president's own words prove he was more interested in avoiding political jeopardy.

The Washington Post editorial board explained to President Donald Trump on Wednesday why Congress “has every right to investigate you.”

The newspaper’s board used an op-ed to send the message to Trump after he earlier told the paper’s reporters he saw “no reason” to widen congressional investigations into his administration following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

Mueller’s report, released with redactions last week, contained a number of damning revelations about the president. Trump has falsely claimed it totally exonerated him.

“If that were the standard, then Congress could never investigate anything,” the Post wrote. “Mr. Trump’s Republican colleagues must remember the battles they fought with President Barack Obama over transparency only a few years ago when they ran the House.”

The editorial board also argued that Trump’s “own words” proved he was motivated more “by concealing anything that might land him in political jeopardy” than by “any specific concern about protecting presidential decision-making or some other crucial executive-branch function.”

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