Trump Impeachment Exposes GOP Problem With Truth, Washington Post Editorial Board Says

The editorial noted the stark contrast between Democrats citing evidence and GOP lawmakers raising "spurious complaints" in the impeachment hearings.

The Washington Post editorial board wrote in an editorial on Thursday how new developments in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump highlight “the yawning gap” between GOP lawmakers and the truth.

The editorial noted that Democrats participating in the House Judiciary Committee’s debate about the articles of impeachment had “repeatedly cited evidence” over Trump’s alleged bribery of Ukraine’s president to announce an investigation into potential Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden in exchange for withheld military aid.

It was in stark contrast to most Republican lawmakers involved in the proceedings who, the editorial said, responded with “diversions” by raising “spurious complaints” about the process and claims that “Democrats were interested only in reversing” the 2016 election result.

Some just served up “gross distortions and falsehoods,” it added.

In an editorial published Tuesday, the board said “more than enough proof exists” to impeach Trump, and called for the president to face a “full trial in the Senate.”

The editorial board “reserved judgment” on whether Trump should be removed from office, but said “what is important, for now, is that the House determine whether Mr. Trump’s actions constituted an abuse of power meriting his impeachment and trial.”