Washington Post Masthead Will Soon Be All-Male

On Thursday, the Post announced that Usha Chaudhary, the newspaper’s chief financial officer and vice president for finance and administration, would be leaving at the end of November for Pew Charitable Trusts. This change, notes reporter Erik Wemple, means that the Post’s masthead will soon be all-male.

It wasn’t too long ago when the paper was a woman-led publication. Until Oct. 1 of this year, the publisher and CEO of the paper was Katharine Weymouth. Weymouth’s family had owned the paper for decades until Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought it in 2013.

“The greatest honor of my life has been serving as publisher of the Post these past seven years, working with all of you,” Weymouth said in September after announcing her resignation. “This is just the beginning of a wonderful new chapter for the Post.”

Fred Ryan, Politico’s founding CEO, has since taken the helm as the Post’s publisher and CEO. As for Chaudhary’s position, The Washington Post said on Thursday that “a search for [a] successor begins immediately.”