Washington Post To Implement Paywall This Summer

The Washington Post will introduce a paywall this summer, the paper announced on Monday.

In December, the Washington Post said it was exploring the option of a paywall system in 2013. For years, the paper spurned the idea of charging for its online content, even when its competitors successfully did so.

The Washington Post's Steven Mufson, who reported on the paywall discussions in December, confirmed that the title will charge online users to pay for content after consuming a certain number of articles. Though the paper does not yet know what that price will be, Mufson wrote that the paywall will hit after users view 20 free articles.

Home-delivery subscribers will be exempt from the paywall. Mufson added, "And students, teachers, school administrators, government employees and military personnel will have unlimited access to The Post while in their schools and workplaces."

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