Washington Post Clarifies That Sean Spicer Hid 'Among' Bushes To Dodge Reporters

The bushes want to be clear on this.

The Washington Post threw some subtle shade at the Trump White House in issuing a correction on a story about Sean Spicer and his location among the bushes following the announcement of FBI Director James Comey’s termination.

After an interview with Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night, the White House press secretary “disappeared into the shadows, huddling with his staff behind a tall hedge” while news of Comey’s firing unfolded and reporters sought more information, WaPo’s Jenna Johnson reported on Wednesday.

Later that day, an editor’s note was added to the bottom of Johnson’s story, clarifying that Spicer had “huddled with his staff among bushes,” not “in the bushes.”

The updated text describes the situation like this: “After Spicer spent several minutes hidden in the darkness and among the bushes near these [television] sets, Janet Montesi, an executive assistant in the press office, emerged and told reporters that Spicer would answer some questions, as long as he was not filmed doing so. Spicer then emerged.”

Because “among” makes a huge difference.

Twitter had a lot to say about the original story and followed up with some more commentary on WaPo’s preposition adjustment.

Multiple news outlets published behind-the-scenes details of what went on at the White House after Comey’s firing, including Spicer’s apparent retreat. On Wednesday, conservative commentator Matt Drudge tweeted that the Trump administration could be in trouble over the damaging leaks and suggested a “house cleaning” is in order.

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