Washington Post Staffers Openly Criticize Publisher Katherine Weymouth's Salary

Two Washington Post staffers openly criticized the paper's publisher after it emerged that she made over $2 million in 2010 and is getting a raise in 2011--even as the paper has undergone repeated rounds of cost-cutting and layoffs.

Katherine Weymouth's salary was revealed in an SEC filing by the paper and highlighted by the business blog Footnoted. After the blog noted that Weymouth received a nearly $500,000 bonus on top of her salary, along with over $1 million due to something called "the WP Media Three-Year Long-Term Incentive Plan," Post reporter Ylan Q. Mui tweeted her disappointment.

"@washingtonpost publisher Katharine Weymouth gets $2 mil and a raise while newsroom enjoys cost-cutting," Mui wrote on Thursday.

J. Freedom du Lac, a critic for the paper, retweeted Mui's tweet, and called Weymouth's large salary a "trending topic at WaPo."