WATCH: 15-Year-Old Raises $39,000 For Smile Train Charity

Recycling can improve the world in many ways. One of our favorites comes from a very caring high school student. Sonali Ranaweera was given $100 as a gift and decided she was going to use that money to help people. That's when Recycling4Smiles was born. She got the idea to recycle the cans and bottles and give that money to the foundation, Smile Train.

Smile Train is a foundation that helps children with cleft lips and palates. Recycling4Smiles asks family, friends, businesses and neighbors to recycle their goods and 100% of their donations goes to help cleft lip surgeries and other needy causes related to children. So far she has raised $39,000! She isn't stopping there...She teamed up with a group of 'special needs' students from Del Mar High School, San Jose CA, and got them involved to help them acquire a sense of purpose while giving back! So next time you throw out your recyclables, think of all the people you could be helping.