Watch 3 Women Pose For A Boudoir Photoshoot For The First Time

"It’s just so important to get to know your nude body."

Three brave women just tried boudoir photography for the first time.

In a new Bustle video published on Tuesday, Bustle editors Kelsea Stahler, Anna Parsons and Marie Southard Ospina each posed for their own boudoir photoshoot for the first time

And they were (understandably) a bit nervous.


“Most women are nervous and everyone says to me, ‘I’ve never done this before.’ But once we start shooting they actually realize it’s something fun," boudoir photographer Michelle Wild said in the video above.

Armed with lingerie, bow ties, sailor hats and a few over-sized lollipops -- the women slowly found their comfort zones.


"I think [being nervous] comes from bodies being very marginalized," Ospina said in the video. "And not just fat bodies, but just women’s bodies in general. Being told to nitpick at our bodies is something we’re taught."

She said that women are often taught to be afraid of their bodies, whether it's something as small as a stretch mark or a little bit of cellulite. "It’s just so important to get to know your nude body and just hang out with it," said Ospina.


Looking good, ladies!

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