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WATCH: 5 Packing Tips from The Amazing Race Goth Team (VIDEO)

For two seasons of The Amazing Race Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala around the world with a single backpack without leaving behind the black eyeliner and glitter polish.
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The Amazing Race spooky kids, Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala, know all about packing light. On two seasons of the hit show, they raced around the world with their belongings in a single backpack without leaving behind the black eyeliner and glitter polish.

The reality TV all-stars usher in my new video series, "Travel SOS." In each episode, I will tackle a travel question or dilemma with the help of my expert friends.

Kent and Vyxsin's five tips for minimizing luggage:

1) Be a space cadet

Fill empty spaces, such as inside hats and shoes. Vyxsin protects a camera by stuffing it in a sneaker.

2) Multi-task

The Goths demonstrate how a scarf and handkerchief can be used in many ways: a sarong, a headband, a washcloth.

3) Travel size it

Vyxsin recommends buying toiletries in mini-size and refilling them. Instead of a bulky flat iron, she brings a tiny version.

4) Avoid panic packing

Start early. Make lists so you won't forget your passport and mobile charger.

5) Leave non-essentials at home

Before you put something in your suitcase, consider whether you really need it. Keep out items you can easily get on the road.

Coming up: more episodes, filmed in different cities with celebrity guests. Keep your eyes peeled to the Huffington Post Travel Video page, and my La Carmina website for updates.

Did you enjoy Kent and Vyxsin's "Travel SOS" advice? What are your favorite ways to save space when packing?

Travel advice from Kent & Vyxsin, The Amazing Race all-stars

Photos and video by La Carmina. Thanks to Kent and Vxysin, the Orlando Hotel in West Hollywood, Alice and the Cat for the intro graphic, and Lov/Recs for the music ("Human" by Trans-X).