WATCH: 5 Wildly Viral TED Talks That Will Show You The Power Of Courage

We've pulled together five of the most-watched TED talks from this year as voted by you, our loyal TEDWeekends audience. On the surface, they seem so different. But each speaker is an outsider spreading a common idea -- the best way to find courage in this world is to embrace your own, unique voice.

And for an added bonus, we've also included one new, never-before-featured talk that speaks to that same theme. Check out the speakers you haven't seen or revisit your old favorites and enjoy the chance to see the world through someone else's eyes for an afternoon.

Ash Beckham: What happened when a kid asked her, 'are you a boy or a girl?'

Maysoon Zayid: This comedian with cerebral palsy will make you think twice about the word 'disability'

iO Tillett Wright: Gay or straight? After watching this, it won't seem so simple

Sue Austin: It starts with a woman in a wheelchair. By the end, you won't see her the same way

Geena Rocera: This fashion model just shared a big secret. Her story will make you stand up and applaud

(Bonus) Sarah Jones: She has 11 voices that will show you a vision of the future

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