WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media

CES 2013 is a memory now, but we're still thinking about one particular category of futuristic gadgetry that stood out: automotive tech.

Your personal idea of the car of the future usually depends on what you were watching on TV and in the movies as a kid. You might imagine a modified DeLorean that just needs a little plutonium and a flux capacitor to get it going, or a near-autonomous glass-encased flying bubble car from which to eject your children to school each morning like on The Jetsons.

Sadly, no developer unveiled a flying car this year, but between driverless cars and cars with built-in or add-on apps that connect you to the Internet and features like social networks, real-time gas prices and streaming audio, it's clear the car of the future is here now.

Find out more about the next generation of auto tech in Freshwire's 60 Seconds of Social Media below.

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