Watch 65 Years Of Women On TV In 2 Minutes

From Lucy Ricardo to Olivia Pope.

There was a time when seeing a married couple share the same bed on TV was considered taboo, a time when a show about an unmarried 20-something woman getting her own apartment in New York City was pushing the envelope. But as television has evolved, so, too, has the role (and roles) of the women depicted on it. 

From the happy domesticity of June Cleaver, to the independence of Mary Tyler Moore, to the the sexual liberation of the women of Sex and the City, into the current era of Shondaland dominance and Cookie Lyon, the representation of women on TV has come a long way -- but it still has a long way to go. 

Above is 65 years worth of TV highlights, featuring some of the most iconic women on TV (and no, we couldn't fit in everyone - shout out to Elaine Benes, Dana Scully, Betty Suarez, and Liz Lemon, and countless others). 



Feminist TV Guide 2016